Parameters: WBC, LYM%, MON%, NEU%, EOS%, BASO%, LYM#, MON#, NEU#, EOS#, BAS#, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, RDW_CV, RDW_SD PLT, MPV, PDW, PCT, P_LCR, 2 Histograms for RBC and PLT. 2 Scattergrams: 5-part differential scattergram, Eosinophils and Neutrophils scattergram
Principles of operation:WBC/DIFF: Flow Cytometry, Semi-conductor laser light multi-dimensional cell classification
WBC Analysis :Optical and impedance measurements
RBC/PLT Analysis:Impedance method
HGB test: Cyanide-free reagent colorimetry
Reagent: Diluent, Sheath, Detergent, Lyse
Sampling Mode:Whole blood: 20 μL
Pre-diluent: 20 μL
Aperture Diameter: WBC 100 μm, RBC/PLT 68 μm
Throughput:Whole blood; up to 60 samples/h
Pre-diluent: up to 60 samples per hour
Data storage: Up to 200,000 sample results with scattergram 
Display:10.4 inch with touchscreen
Size: 490 mm (L), 332 mm (H), 459 mm (W)
Power: 250 VA
Weight: 35 Kg

VET version available