Assay methods: End Point, Kinetic, Fix Time, etc.
Principle: Photoelectric colorimetry Light
Source: Halogen Lamp 12V/20W Photometry
Range: 0-3.2 Abs Resolution: 0.0001 Abs
Wavelengths: 9 options (340, 405, 450, 510, 546, 578, 620, 660, 690)
Throughput: 200 tests/hour Structure: 1 probe and 1 mixer
Reagent Tray: 39 reagent positions, one diluent position
Sample Tray: 40 positions (free positions for sample, controls and calibrator)
Reaction Tray: 60 reaction cuvettes
Sample Volume: 2-50 μL, with 0.1 μL increment
Reagent Volume: R1: 80-350 μL; R2: 10-250 μL, with 1 μL increment
Minimum Reaction Volume: 180-500 μL
Water consumption: 6 liter per hour under working status
Clean Unit: 7 steps auto-washing system with detergent and water
Temperature control: incubator 37°C +/ 01 °C Operation
Environment: Temperature of 10-30°C; Relative humidity: <90%;
Atmospheric pressure: 86-106 k Pa


  • Ergonomic software: Dynamic and real time display of running status
  • High Perfomance Mixer Design: Absence of cross contamination. Optimal homogenization in minimum time
  • Multifunction Sample/ Reagent Tray: Up to 20 virtual sample trays can be programmed 24 hours non-stop cooling system
  • Accurate Sampling Collision: protection - Liquid level detection - Internal and external probe whashing - High quality stepping motor, with minimum 0.1 μL
  • Stabile Optical System: Close, static state optical system. Spot photometry with high speed digital transmission system